Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Manhattan

What We Do

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Manhattan

We are a full-service commercial appraisal firm that takes offers over 30 years of experience and an advanced depth of knowledge in commercial real estate appraisals. Our aim is to make your appraisal hassle-free and simple, as we handle all the details and provide you with a detailed and thorough commercial appraisal in Manhattan that is sure to be accepted. We service all of Manhattan – from the Financial District to Inwood to the Upper West Side we’ve got you covered. Our team has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate appraisals, and all of our commercial appraisers are New York State certified professionals and we never use trainees or appraiser assistants.

Who We Serve

We provide appraisals for several different sectors – working with lending professionals, attorneys, government agencies and much more. Over the years we have established a track record for success providing quality appraisals for a variety of property types – both big and small. Our experienced commercial appraisers understand the nuance that is required to develop accurate and unbiased commercial appraisals in Manhattan, which are guaranteed to be accepted.

lending-icon Lending Professionals

At Manhattan Real Estate Appraisals, we are committed to delivering high-quality and competitively priced commercial appraisals in Manhattan. Over the years, we have established a reputation for reliability and quick turn around of accurate valuations. We are Preferred Bank Appraisers with Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo and as a result, we understand the pre-purchase/pre-Listing process better than anyone.

law-icon Attorneys

At Manhattan Real Estate Appraisals, we have a proven track record for providing unbiased and objective appraisals. We work hand-in-hand with legal professionals and accountants, offering unbiased advice and information to assess the accuracy of an appraisal. We are Court-approved appraisers on the “Part 36 List of the Chief Judge” and understand appraisals are fully versed in providing them for legal uses (bankruptcies, estates, divorces, etc.).

government Government Agencies

We offer quality appraisal services for federal and local government agencies. Our appraisals deliver the standards of quality and attention to detail that is necessary when working with government groups.

apartment building appraisal Manhattan

Apartment Building Appraisal Manhattan

Apartment buildings in Manhattan are very valuable commodities, making a thorough and accurate commercial appraisal in Manhattan of up most importance. Our team of certified commercial real estate appraisal professionals offers services for apartment building as part of our commercial appraisal services in Manhattan. With over 30 years of combined experience in commercial real estate, our commercial appraisers guarantee that your apartment building appraisal will be accepted, or your money back.

Commercial Building appraisal Manhattan

Commercial Building Appraisal Manhattan

We provide commercial building appraisals for businesses and government agencies in Manhattan. Our New York State Certified commercial appraisers have extensive experience providing services on array of commercial buildings – view our commercial portfolio for more. All commercial building appraisals are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee, which ensures that your appraisal will be accepted.

Office buidling appraisal Manhattan

Office Building Appraisal Manhattan

Our New York State Certified appraisers are equipped with the experience and knowledge needed to provide quality commercial appraisals, including office building. Unlike many firms, we never use appraiser trainees or assistants to complete your appraisal. All of the members of our team are fully certified with over 10 years of experience. Additionally, we are committed to quality customer service, happily answering any questions you might have, working around your schedule and offering rapid turnaround times on commercial appraisals in Manhattan.

Vacant Lot appraisals Manhattan

Vacant Lot Appraisal Manhattan

Our commercial services include vacant land appraisals of undeveloped property by our staff of certified real estate appraisers. Each member of our team is experienced and New York State Certified, plus each brings an impressive arsenal of field experience and knowledge to our group.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our certified appraisals will be accepted by anyone - 100% money back guaranteed! Learn More

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Customer Testimonials

These guys gave me exactly what I needed - a true fair market value. I called up Manhattan Real Estate Appraisals and they told me that they will appraise it as if they were appraising it for a bank. They said that this way it would reflect the true value of a home as it would be what a bank is willing to lend on. Lo and behold their appraisal came in at exactly the same amount the bank's appraiser came in for the mortgage loan. If you want a true unbiased opinion of value, call these guys up - they definitely know what they're doing.
James Fontana
Their customer service is superior to the competition and they have a solid grasp on the current demands of the industry. We would not use another company for appraising services because in our opinion they are the solution to all our needs. They truly stand as a testimony to what outstanding service and knowledge is in our industry.
Mina Abraham
It was such a pleasure working with Manhattan Real Estate Appraisals; they were very flexible with their scheduling and fulfilled their promise of a 24-Hr Turnaround! The appraisal was for tax grievance purposes and it eventually helped me to significantly reduce my property taxes. Their certified appraisal met all the requirements set forth by the town. I would highly recommend them in the future!
Stacey Fanara
I used this company to help settle my Father's estate. They knew what I needed even before I had a chance to explain. They provided me with a certified retrospective appraisal dated at the date of passing and were very professional throughout the whole process. I recommended them to my neighbor who was thinking of listing her home and she was very satisfied as well. Call these guys up, you can't go wrong.
Richard Collins

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